Sunday, June 19, 2011

Instances of note

During the past week we said goodbye not only to my grandmother and a dear family friend, but also to Isaac's surrogate mother.  She had been with us for only a short time, but it felt like we had known her for decades.  She was always there for us when Isaac was inconsolable with a nightmare or skinned knee.  She went shopping with us and on family vacations.  I admit, at times I thought we'd never be without her.  I can still see Isaac cuddled up with her, watching a movie.  Ah, Tiny Cup, nothing could ever replace you... except for maybe a blue, age appropriate, sports straw-cup from Target.  R.I.P. Tiny Cup- or should I say PEACE OUT ya chewed up old hag!  I am so glad you won't be accompanying my son to kindergarten.

Something else was lost with the passing of the sippy; the need to always add Agave nectar to Isaac's water to get him to drink it.  This means less sugar for Isaac and more money in mommy's pocket because we aren't going through the expensive sweetener as fast.  Win!  Also, a couple months ago Isaac gave up pull-ups at night.  Did I mention he's added raw carrots to his food repertoire?  Or that he sat through a whole church service with me today without being too much of a distraction to everybody else?  Well, he did.  These are just a few instances of note for which I'm very grateful.  It's been a sad week with everything going on, but it's hard to be completely down when I see my little boy growing up and giving me less things to worry about.  Ordinary life can be so sweet.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Sir Echo

I got the call tonight that my grandmother probably won't make it through the night.  My mind flooded back through my favorite memories of her and my grandfather.  One of the fondest being her and papa singing "Little Sir Echo" to us as kids as we rambled up to camp in their motor home on weekends.  I would request that song throughout the rest our lives together whenever I would see them or on special occasions.  Gram would do the melody and papa would do the falsetto echo.  It was ridiculous and delightful, and I will remember it always.  The last time my grandma sang that song to me was on my birthday two years ago, only a couple days after my papa had passed.  I remember trying to suck in every second of that moment with my limited brain power, and it must have worked because it's one of the first things that came to mind tonight.

Two nights ago I was going through bed time routine with Isaac.  He was stalling and I was letting him.  I watched him as he lay on his back, hands in the air, making shapes with his fingers above his head.  I remember doing this exact thing at bed time when I was his age.  It was one of those rare moments when I really felt like I could relate to Isaac as a child, and it was special.  "I make a triangle.  You make a heart, mommy."  So I did.  "Ok, it's say prayers time," I sing.  "No, it's count my fingers time," he sings back.  I had to laugh and count his fingers with him.  I wanted to eat that moment up- sear it into my memory.  Even the story he told that night about a stinky ghost being in his bed.  Ok, especially that part. haha  We eventually got to prayers and songs.  We sing "You are my sunshine" and "Twinkle, twinkle" every night.  I hope that someday he remembers these songs and moments as dearly as I remember "Little Sir Echo".  And I will try to savor every stalling moment from now on.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Is anyone else finding little bridges made from found objects all over their house? How about weeks of doing puzzles with your three year old?  These are the spatially-minded  things that make me wonder what this little boy will be when he grows up.  In the meantime, it's certainly a fun surprise to come downstairs and find the top bridge constructed in a few minutes in my living room with things from all over the house.