Friday, August 31, 2012

Running for autism

A lot of people have been complaining since I deactivated my facebook account recently.  While it touches me that so many people are sad to miss out on connecting with me that way, I have to say that I have not regretted the decision in the least.  That is, until tonight.  There are a few reasons I decided to be done with facebook for awhile, the biggest being that I was a little sick of networking aka stalking people from my lonely, little hut in Apex.  I have a lot of time on my hands, folks.  Isaac is in school six hours every day, five days a week.  That's a lot of time to be living.

When we moved to North Carolina in April, I told myself that there were three things I wanted to do when Isaac started kindergarten: be more disciplined with exercise, writing, and keeping up on housework.  It's Friday night and my laundry and dishes are caught up, my dog is walked, and I'm currently writing a blog post to all of you.  Oh, and I accidentally ran four miles today.  Accidentally.  Ran.  Four.  Miles.  I had no idea until I mapped my route on the computer this evening.  Which brings me to why I'm slightly regretting having deleted my facebook account.

I have signed up to run the 2012 Triangle Run/Walk for Autism on October 13th and I have a goal of raising at least $75 to benefit the Autism Society of North Carolina.  I would love to surpass that goal. Facebook would be a great way to rally some sponsors, but I'm just too stubborn to give in this soon. Hey, you would be, too, had you accidentally ran four miles today in your free time.  So I'm posting the link for pledges here, in my other online community in case anyone is feeling so inclined to help me reach my goal.

The first and only other 5k race I've run was the Lap for LAP Repite in Lansing- a care center offering services to families with children or adults with special needs like autism.  I think it brought us some good karma for when Isaac was diagnosed with PDD-NOS about one year later.  I'm really grateful for the services we received to help Isaac on our journey.  I just want to pay it forward with something a little more active than a facebook post.  3.2 miles and $75 should do it.

If you would like to learn more about where the money goes, you can visit the Autism Society of North Carolina's webpage.

Thanks, friends!


  1. I miss you on FB but I totally understand why you are not on it anymore. It really is a huge distraction! I need to get my butt in gear once Aiden and Elizabeth are in school too.
    I talked to Dad the other day and he told me about Isaac's birthday party. I wish we could be there to see the look on his face when he sees what dad got him. :)
    How is Isaac doing in school? I hope the bully is leaving him alone. I miss talking to you! We are making out our dream sheet (where we want to transfer) and there is a good chance we might be moving to NC next summer!!!!! If it all works out, you guys will be seeing a lot more of us for sure. ;)
    Good luck with the 2012 Triangle Run/Walk for Autism. I am going to send my dad the link you posted. I hope you surpass your goal.
    <3 you guys!

  2. Aw Stacey, I wish you guys could be here for his bday party, too. Isaac still talks about Aiden all the time. I hope everything works out so that you can move closer next summer. And, I won't lie, I peek onto Andrew's fb now and again, but since it's not mine I spend waaaaaaay less time on there. I already emailed your dad the link! haha Oh well, double peer pressure never hurt anyone.

  3. Hi Libby,
    How am I supposed to know you deactivated your account and how am I supposed to know when you post on your blog?? I know exactly how you feel about facebook, there are times when I hate it so much and I feel bitter and resentful towards everyone on facebook even though I really have no idea who that is because so many people TRULY have the ability to pop on & off without comments & liking 5 million things and leaving a trail a mile long behind them that obviously demonstrates they have too much time on their hands (like me). I always come back to it, though, because it is a connection and I don't have very many of them. And I struggle too, with my commitment to writing. But I am not here to convince you to go back to facebook, I merely wanted to tell you that the other day I thoguht of you and thought, hey! Why have I not seen her on fb lately? So you are missed, by people you barely even know! It took a while for my feeble mind to come up with the name of your blog, all I could think of was GFCF but that's a diet not your blog! Of course, when I stopped thinking about it, it came to me, so I am at least happy to see that you are alive & well here on the blog, if not on facebook. I hope Isaac continues to do well and be a happy little guy. Take care!

  4. Christen,
    You are definitely in my top 10 of people I miss stalking on a daily basis. I always looked forward to your well worded posts. haha I also look forward to reading more blog posts from you. And fear not! You have subscribed to my blog so I think it should show up in your RSS feed on blogger. I hope you are enjoying your two cute pups and Martha starting another year of school.