Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Shopping, Nerd Style

If you are anything like me, you like some of what your kid receives for Christmas to be educational.  I like to call it "cultivating my nerd".  The way I see it, Isaac's going to be the one picking out my nursing home some day.  The better the job he has, the better off I am.  Ok, that's only half of the reason I like to buy or request educational gifts for him around the holidays.  The other half is because if there is a way that I can make school and learning easier or more fun for him, I'm going to do that.  Kids, especially those with quirks, have enough to deal with when it comes to school.  I can't be there for the times when his friends decide to gang up on him on the play ground, but I can give him a boost academically and maybe free up a little energy to deal with social issues.  So without any further ado, here is your holiday shopping guide for those of you who are also worried about your future nursing home.

Chunks is a word building game- great for learning sight words and beyond.
Math Dice, Jr. for making addition and subtraction automatic and fun.  This will be in Isaac's stocking this year.

Spot It! Not only a good stocking stuffer, but also a travel-friendly game that helps work on matching and PAYING ATTENTION!  My distracted five year old will be pulling this out of his stocking this year, too.

And if you're really holding out for a future engineer, you can't go wrong with the nerd-tastic gift my husband picked out for himself Isaac: an Erector set.

Happy shopping, my fellow over-parenting friends!

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