Monday, January 17, 2011

Coffee Cup Reflections

With our respective cups of morning coffee and coconut milk...
Isaac and I are listening to my new musical obsession, Bon Iver, and watching the sun come up on our snow-blanketed back yard.  It is, in essence, suburban heaven.  He's playing with toys on the floor, being angelic and nothing short of amazing with the way he rein-acts scenes from Toy Story with his plastic counterparts.  I've been taken aback by how balanced he seems lately.  He definitely still struggles with some things communication-wise, but his speech has been remarkable (for him) lately.  He is consistently answering my- albeit- simple questions.  He also asks me questions all the time, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  He is singing songs throughout the day and singing along with mommy's music.  He is connected- something I could not say with confidence at age two.

After starting this book about a mother who has three daughters- all of which are autistic- I'm feeling pretty blessed with our PDD-NOS.  Even after a meltdown over me moving the red chair in our living room back to where it goes, random sensory sensitivity about things "tickling" him out of no where, and repeatedly getting kneed in the eye during story time because he's still not aware of his body- I am feeling pretty confident that he'll be able to blend into his peers fairly well when the time comes.  I can take a shower and not worry about him getting into trouble or trying to runaway.  I can go shopping or to a restaurant without dreading meltdowns, hyper-nervous activity, or any of the other crazy things that used to keep us at home.  The author of this book cannot do these things, and I feel for her.  Her life is autism.  She lives, breathes it, is IMMERSED in it everyday.  The things I obsess about are similar to that of hers, but at a much lesser degree.  She's waiting on a miracle for her girls, and I've already got mine...  I'm sure I'll be writing more about her as I get further into the book.

In other news, I just agreed to become the Lansing Autism and Parenting Examiner so I will probably be blogging less and writing for them more, but I will post links to my articles here and on facebook.  Things are changing lately.  As Isaac gets older I'm finding it important to rediscover myself and my role as an adult in society again.  This opportunity will hopefully help with that process.  The proverbial cheerios are falling off the sweatsuit, I guess!  Wish me luck.

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