Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For the name's sake

It occurred to me tonight that this blog is titled Grateful for the Good Days, and that I should probably share some of my good days instead of just my unsolicited advice and thinly veiled complaints about life.  Today was a good day- though it did not start that way.  Isaac and I were supposed to go to a children's museum with play group friends, but that didn't happen.  I had to wake him up to get ready with my fingers crossed that yesterday's under-the-weatherness had passed.  He was in the bath when the melting down started.  Nope, not happening.  I was not risking a meltdown an hour and a half from home without my own vehicle to escape with.  The fact is, the past couple of weeks have been super busy and I think we Loucks are a bit run down.  We've made it the WHOLE summer with no more than allergies, so we were due for a little post nasal malaise.  So Isaac and I had a lazy snuggle day.  We even managed to work on lower case letters and letter sounds, etc.  But the whole day was filled with rest and fluids with the hope of this passing before grandma and grandpa Chambers get here on Thursday.  I think it worked.

By far the best part of the day was bed time- when Isaac decided to show that clever and very cute side of himself that makes me happy and hopeful.  This is the story I shared to my facebook friends, but thought I'd post here lest I start sounding like the troll that guards the bridge to the land of happiness.  I truly am grateful for this little boy and this very four year old moment:
Tonight while putting Isaac to bed Andrew came in and gave him a kiss. To me, "Daddy gave me a kiss. It had spikes." "Oh, yeah he probably needs to shave, huh?"  "Yes, then he'll be a BEAUTIFUL daddy! (insert hand flourish)" 
A few minutes later I asked Isaac what kind of dinosaur he would be if he could be any dinosaur in the world. "A T-Rex. Rawwrrrr!"  "Oh. Would you eat meat, then?"  "Yes."  I ask him what kind of meat he would eat. The answer: "Triceratops meat.  And mommy, you could be a spinosaurus and then you would eat triceratops meat too." I love bed time.

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