Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ice cream and moving boxes

Stressed?  I'm not stressed.  By the way, have I told you how good Homemade brand Cherry Cordial ice cream is?  I'm not typing with my mouth full either.  And my typos have nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with sticky keys.  Just so you know.

Today we are patching and painting the walls after taking down our pictures last night.  People are filing in and out to pick up craigslist items.  Isaac is handling his excess toys being sold with all the indifference and grace, if not of an adult, then of a child trying to master all levels of Cut The Rope on the ipad.  Whatever works.  That is my motto.  Life has an ebb and flow and I'm learning to just go with it.  Fighting change does little to ease the way.  Quite the opposite.  And I'm noticing that life is too short to not be curious about what is waiting around the bend.

I have heard back from one of the administrators at the elementary school I hope to get Isaac into for the fall.  They were cordial and willing to work with me on squeezing him in.  I plan to come with documents in hand to ensure a smooth enrollment.  I could sit here and cry over the fact that my only child is going to kindergarten in the fall, but today I'm choosing a more zen-like approach: It is what it is and every next step seems more fun than the last.  We are not the first people to sell a house and move with a four year old and we won't be the last.  Does anyone want a house in Okemos, Michigan?  Let me know.  I'll even throw in a half eaten carton of ice cream.

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