Friday, May 4, 2012

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As some of you may know, I am casually homeschooling Isaac until kindergarten starts in the fall.  I say casually because we do not have a set curriculum.  I am basically just using some workbooks, free print outs, games, the Ipad, and my mean mommy skills to accomplish a basic kindergarten prep.   Not everyone who homeschools does so to prep for public school, so my method (or lack thereof) probably wouldn't work for serious homeschooling families.  But I thought I would pass on my resources nonetheless.

Workbooks:  Some are better than others, but in all honesty, the ones from the dollar store do the trick.

Print outs:  I just discovered for free printouts.  I'm lucky to have a kid the likes boring old worksheets, and that's just what these are.  So if you're looking for practice exercises or trying out work for the next grade level, this is a good place to go.

Games:  Playing board games is a really good way to practice following directions, simple math, etc.  We are still loving the Busytown board games.

Ipad:  Why?  Because visual learning just works... and keeps my kid quiet on long car rides.  We LOVE the Reading Raven app.  It's really well put together and has helped Isaac's reading skills become more automatic.  Also, did you know that there are special education apps?  They have free social stories, and a really in depth app. you can purchase that works specifically on conversational skills for many different scenarios.

Mean Mommy Skills:  I simply make Isaac read at least one new easy reader book to me every night before bed.  I have also started keeping these books in the car in place of toys.  I often find him reading to himself in the backseat while we are out running errands.

Nice Mommy Skills:  I signed him up for a Kindergym class at the community center that works on basic floor tumbling mixed with some academic and social skill work.  I also signed him up for an art class through the community center that will work on drawing and painting (read fine motor) skills.  I hardly ever signed Isaac up for community center classes in Michigan because he was always too tired after his afternoon pre-school class.  Now seems like the perfect time to do it!

Really, we're just living life and throwing in some school work.  It's been pretty fun so far, and really rewarding for both of us to see those little worksheets and paintings up on the fridge.  The park has been our classroom for practicing social skills, and I've loved to see Isaac following kids around and asking them their names.  It's very sweet.  We're still hunting down postcards, but writing to friends to- you guessed it- practice writing will be next on the list.  I hope you all are enjoying spring.  Please share any resources or tips you might have with us!

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