Wednesday, May 16, 2012

School Assignment Update from Desperate Housewife

Well, we did not get into the school we hoped- the one closest to our house.  Instead, we got assigned to a school 6 miles or so away that has a pretty good rating, but some bad reviews about the current principle, etc.  It just seems very inefficient to send a kid to school 6 or so miles up the road when there is a school one mile up the road.  But I can't think about this too much or thoughts like this enter my head: "So, we live one mile from the school and didn't get in.  I bet kids that live closer to Cary got into that school and we didn't."  Because that kind of thinking sends me into a spiral of hate for the way the system works here, and I already have some political beef with North Carolina.

Instead, I neatly filled out a transfer request form with some guilt thrown in about how much gas money it's going to cost me to drive my child to and from the school we got into every day on top of paying a mortgage for a house that hasn't sold and rent on the house we are currently living in which is, by the way, one mile from the school we want to be in.  Did I mention it's only one mile?  I can run that far.  I could even pack my kindergartner up in his industrial sized Amish wagon and walk him to school at that distance.  Ok, rant over.  I did what was in my power to do, but if they deny our transfer request we will just send him to the school he did get into and hope we like it.  Who knows?  Maybe the kindergarten teacher there is better than the one at the school we wanted.  Maybe I will like the parents that attend Turner Creek better than the ones I would have met at Olive Chapel and I will finally make some friends!  Too much?  Yeah, can you tell we're a bit lonely out here?  I just pictured my face to look like this: 

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