Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crazy seasonal thoughts about legos

My four year old is up in his room playing with legos right now.  Big boy legos.  The tiny, choking hazard kind.  But I don't have to worry about him putting them in his mouth as he's four and quite frankly too busy building machines and cars to try to chew on them.  He's dangerously close to being too cool for Thomas the train and his wooden track downstairs, and that stirs all sorts of mixed emotions for this mom.  I'm trying desperately not to glob memories onto objects and to get excited about his new interests, but it's all just flying by me.  Plus, that little blue engine did a lot for us.  He signaled some warning signs about Isaac's behavior (pre-diagnosis), gave us something to do somewhat together when Isaac was otherwise in his own little world, and was the first "big" gift we, as young parents, could afford to give him.  I think I just betrayed some deep seeded hoarding genes with that sentence.  Yep, Thomas is getting a time limit, and then is being evicted.  Maybe Grandma Karen will keep him and his buddies at her house for when other grand-kids come along... (I hope she's reading this.)

Isaac's Christmas gifts this year only confirm that we are, in fact, harvesting a future nerd.  Legos, a V-tech learning laptop, and educational videos and books will be under the tree.  Oh, and a model air craft in the stocking for he and my husband to make together.  Future engineer? Could be, but Isaac has informed us that he wants to drive construction trucks when he grows up.  Sounds like a plan to me.  I'm pretty sure vocational school is more in our budget, and a practical choice when looking at the job market these days.  I'm all about practical- which reminds me... Does anyone have suggestions for organizing and storing all these damn legos?  Thomas the train never made this kind of mess!

In other news, I'm fighting the urge to quit everything for the winter to hibernate.  Maybe I could develop an interest in legos and join the sweat box upstairs- churning out little vehicles and spaceships.  Or... I could just go for a run, stop procrastinating when it comes to cleaning the house, writing up a bonus lesson for my Sunday school class, and working on pre-school things with Isaac.  Yep.  That would be the grown up thing to do.  And I dislike legos just enough to maybe do that.  Maybe.