Saturday, January 21, 2012

Consistency is key

... but it gets a little boring.  Since all the winter germs have been hanging around our house, getting comfy, we've been watching the LeapFrog and Meet the Sight Words videos on repeat.  That Leap character sure is annoying, but I put up with his anamorphized, high pitched voice because my visual learner gets what he's saying.  Still, the monotony of our current learning routine needs a little shake up.  For me.  Isaac doesn't seem to mind one bit.  This always drives me to do the American thing; add things to my Amazon wishlist, of course.

A friend of mine suggested this Magnetic Word Builder to me after Isaac wouldn't stop playing with the alphabet one (trying to make words) at the house she nannies at:

Next, I found these color coded, multi-sensory reading rods used for word and sentence building.  These look like they would work well for a kid who just has to touch things.

Lastly, I found this sight word game that looks easy enough to make at home.  I especially like the add-on ideas that the first reviewer suggests.  Check it out.  

That's all I got so far.  Ask me how the social stories are coming.  Ha! Oh, winter, you're pretty, but you are the most un-motivating of seasons.  And for that I will blame you til my death.  I have, however, managed to play several enjoyable games of Busytown Eye Found It! with Isaac this weekend.  Best pre-school game ever.  It's quick and either everyone playing wins or Pig Will and Pig Won't win so not even my over-competitive tendencies have a chance to sneak in.  In fact, the game is based on team work to race to Picnic Island before the pigs eat all the food.  This would be a great game for siblings as there is very little to argue about, and the rules are incredibly simple.  It works just as well for one parent and one child.  Especially if you are a parent who typically does not enjoy kid's board games- one that dreads Candy Land and watches the clock during Chutes and Ladders.  This is the game for you.  Happy weekend, everyone!

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