Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Plan of attack part 2

If you were in my house right now, you would be all too aware (as I'm sure my husband is) of my consecutive sighs.  It's the involuntary noise I make when I am tired exhausted.  Being a mom is not for the faint of heart.  I fought with Isaac to eat breakfast and failed and gave in and let him eat half of an Udi bagel- which did him no favors.  I ran with my dog, paid bills, did dishes, laundry, and just before 3pm received a phone call from Isaac's school saying he was in the office crying and tired AGAIN.  They wanted to give me the option of coming to pick him up early.  I agreed, since my after school plans were to take him to urgent care anyway to rule out an sickness that might be causing Isaac's lack of appetite, fatigue, etc.

I then proceeded to drive to, unload, and haul my four year old into the orthopedic urgent care.  Sorry, wrong number.  The lady behind the counter informed me that the urgent care I was looking for was in Cary- the next town over.  Luckily, it was near a grocery store I like so it was easy enough to find.  We were the only ones in the waiting room when we arrived and yet we still managed to be there for two hours.  I have several theories about why this might have happened, the biggest being the kind doctor that likes to chat and look things up on his smart phone for you.  Things like books about coconut oil, and types of apples that are lower in salicylates.  I'm not kidding.  I may have found the only mainstream/urgent care doctor that does not look at me like I have two heads when it comes to Isaac's diet.  In fact, he was impressed that I knew the trick about switching up strains of probiotics every few months.  We bonded.  Isaac whined.

After examining Isaac, he determined that everything looked good and that Isaac was probably still feeling the affects of last Thursday's stomach bug and an increase in yeast.  He tested his urine and said he was dehydrated and low on nutrients (not surprising when the kid won't eat).  He suggested keeping Isaac home tomorrow and trying to pump him up with water, rest, protein, fats, and fiber.  (Apparently my kid doesn't poop enough, either.)  A kid who won't eat is just going to keep having no energy and crying at the end of the day at school until the problem is fixed.  Fair enough, but I hate that he keeps missing school!

We got Isaac to eat a little dinner tonight, and I finally made it over to GNC before they closed.  I picked up the coconut oil Dr. Smartphone recommended to start cooking Isaac's food in, some soy protein powder, and probiotic/fiber chewables.  Isaac actually dipped a couple of raw baby carrots in the oil and ate them. The chewable was a big hit, too.  I'm hoping it works some magic over night.  My plan of attack is this:

1) Make him a soy protein/strawberry shake in the morning with the blender I no longer own- crap!  Ok, time to dig out the food processor.

2) Compromise and make him a bagel/bacon breakfast sandwich buttered with coconut oil.  OR butter with with soy butter and slap an egg cooked in coconut oil on there.  That might work.

3) Keep the water with a fun straw going.

4) Smell his breath, pray for poop, and hope for a miracle.

That's all I have.


  1. You are like a superhero or something. You know that God never gives us more than we can handle. There is a reason that you are Isaac's mommy. God has truly blessed you with the gifts to be perfect just for him. Keep up the small miracles in your life. Much love to you both.

  2. Not a superhero. Guess who ended up eating the breakfast sandwich? Me. He would not touch it. It was so good, I think I could go gfcf. Our compromise is oatmeal (high in fiber and protein) with a little soy protein mixed in for good measure since I, of course, can't find the blades to my food processor to make the strawberry protein shake. Turns out he does have a cough and says his chest hurts. I just hope it's to a detectable point by tomorrow when I take him to his ped. appt. I think I need more coffee and I miss you, Miss Erin. Thanks for your constant support.