Friday, July 27, 2012

Stress eating cherries

Because what I really need is a beer and it's only 4pm, and let's face it, I'm on a diet.  Isaac had early dismissal at school today so we had some time to hang out before his check up at our new pediatrician's office.  We went to Wendy's and split a small fry and had some water and lemonade.  We talked, or rather I tried to get him to tell me about school.  His report home was highlighted with all the things he needs to work on- which is basically everything.  To be fair, he's only been to school a total of 6 days in the past two weeks and has a bigger learning curve than most kids, so I'm TRYING to take it with a grain of salt.  In reality, I'm inwardly obsessing about whether or not I made the right decision about kindergarten this year, year round school, etc.  My mind is buzzing with all the things we need to work on- like how to get my child to answer more than two questions in a conversation he is not interested in.  What I did manage to dig out of him is that there are about 17 kids in his class- quite the increase from the 8 total of last year.  I also found out that he has not seen the special ed service lady once.  She was supposed to be dropping in a couple times a week to see how he functions inside the classroom, etc.  Lovely.  

We headed into the bathroom and he argued with me about which stall to pee in.  I wish I was kidding.  I am not.  We went to the appointment.  Isaac did fine for the nurse but would not answer any of the doctor's questions.  And then they mentioned the shots he needed and he immediately worked himself into a full on tantrum before the shots were even brought out.  Hysterical screaming, crying, writhing like we just said he was going to be re-circumcised.  I had to physically restrain him with my entire body and he still managed to hit me square in the glasses- which now need to be adjusted- and almost attacked the doctor.  Even after the shots were over he purposely hit the tray the used needles were sitting on and continued screaming, crying, throwing himself around- even while I told him he would lose more privileges, while I paid my co-pay, while the poor little boy in the waiting room wondered what the hell they had done to make Isaac so hysterical.  He is now in his room until I tell him it's ok to come out as he is obviously too tired to have good behavior and my eye is obviously still twitching.

Just another day in parenthood.  At least it's the weekend.  At least it's the weekend.  Did I mention it's the weekend?

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