Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Plan of attack

Life with Isaac has been pretty normal lately, and when normal happens I forget some things.  Like that my kid doesn't process typical amounts of sugar and carbs well.  Summer means popsicles and lemonade and chips, but too much of a good thing lands us in yeastville.  Our indicators this time were that our usual tough guy was crying a lot, craving rough play, super finicky about food, and for the past couple days has the breath and gas of a middle-aged alcoholic.    All this while trying to adjust to a new school, new teacher, and new schedule.  Poor kid.  Poor teacher.  Poor mom.

It's bad enough that probiotics alone aren't getting it under control, so tonight I did some research and found the following resources quite helpful:



We have not tried enzymes to help break down excess carbs and sugar yet, but I think it's time to try.  How it works is that you give your child digestive enzymes prior to eating or drinking their special treat (lemonade, popsicles, cookies) and it helps break down the sugar in these foods quicker/better so that they are less likely to feed bad stomach yeast.  I ran right out this evening to GNC to pick some up only to find them flipping the sign on the door and shutting off all the lights.  Just my luck!  So I'll have to go back tomorrow.  I did hit up the grocery store to get some all natural meat for Isaac, though.  Protein and fat help fight yeast- which is the good news.  The bad news is that once an overgrowth is to the point that your kid's breath smells like rising bread- they are usually only craving MORE carbs and sugar to feed the yeast and the fight to feed them just plain chicken breast is exhausting and tearful on both sides of the table.

I've also noticed that our usual cured turkey sausage, turkey bacon, and beef hot dogs have not seemed to be helping him lately.  So tonight I bit the bullet and bought Applegate Farms gfcf, uncured beef hot dogs, Sunday Bacon, and chicken tenders- along with some Hormel natural gfcf oven roasted turkey breast cold cuts.  These are all meats Isaac is more likely to eat (and cost more than he weighs), but I'm hoping they will be worth it in our constant fight against yeast.  Wish us luck!


  1. Holy cow super mom. I would have cried when they flipped that sign. Thanks for the great resources to pass on.

  2. Have you thought about writing a book to help other parents whose children face similar issues? You are a good writer, and you've done great research. Maybe some of your blog posts could be adapted into book chapters.

  3. Thanks, Erin! Ruth, several people have suggested that, but I honestly don't think I'd be writing anything new. All of my info has come from other books, blogs, and websites and implemented through trial and error. I am actually writing a book right now, but not one about autism. ; ) Just one for fun.

  4. I also plan to take him to urgent care after school just to rule out any sickness. Sometimes bacterial/viral infections can cause a jump in yeast, too.