Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A non-precise GFCF recipe: mac-n-cheese

As some of you know, I do not cook with recipes.  I can't stand following directions.  I think it stems from my problem with authority in general.  I don't like to be told what to do- even by a cook book.  I own cook books.  They come in handy for "idea gathering", but I leave the actual use of them to the scientist, Andrew.  He's under the impression that not following a recipe can lead to a natural disaster.  You're right, honey!  You better save the world and make dinner tonight.  Could you have it on the table by 5?  Thanks...

When we first started cooking gfcf for Isaac, my initial concern was "...but don't American kids DIE if they don't eat mac-n-cheese at least once every other week?"  Nope.  Just the moms do, because it is sooo easy to get them to eat it.

It took a few tries, but I finally found the right combination and unlocked the secret to GOOD gfcf mac-n-cheese.  The ingredients and steps will be listed below.  There will not be precise measurements as I like to leave room for creative license.

A glob of Earth Balance Spread
A spoon-sized dash of your favorite GF flour or starch powder

In a pan, make a roux with these two ingredients.  This means mix them together over medium heat.

Add a handful of Daiya Vegan Cheese Shreds in Cheddar
Add a large splash of your favorite milk alternative, ours is S.O. Delicious Original Coconut Milk

Mix all ingredients together in pan until they are a creamy consistency.  If you like it thicker add more cheese.  Thinner, add more milk.
Pour over cooked Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta and stir.

Hint:  You can add vegetables or meat to this if you have a child that isn't against different foods mixing.  I sometimes hide broccoli or pureed winter squash in ours.



  1. Minor culinary correction, "In a pan, make a roux..." As a noun, you are telling people to make a strongly scented evergreen shrub. In any case, nice recipe! Hope all is well, and I enjoy reading your blog/hearing what has been going on.


  2. Yes, your smarty pants friend (Andrew) already corrected me. I just have to fix it. Thanks for reading!