Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over-parenting at it's finest

Hi Minda (this is Isaac's teacher),
I found the cheerio bracelet in Isaac's folder today.  Would you like me to send in some gfcf cheerios for projects like this?
I know that I'm paranoid, for the record.  = )

Dear Libby,

I was really proud of how he asked if he could eat them instead of just eating them.  You must have worked with him for him to know to ask first.  That is great that he asks at such a young age and seems conscience about what he eats.  We told him that these were only for  play, so he didn’t even try.  You are not paranoid, I like to call it protective.  We do not use them often so if you still want to send some in feel free. 

Melinda Derby   M.A.
Okemos Public Schools

(Feeling sheepish)
Wonderful!  I am so glad he asked.  Sometimes he does and sometimes the temptation is too great.
If I find some I'll send them- even as just a snack back up.  It's hard to find gf cereal without corn in it.
Thanks for letting me know,

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