Thursday, April 21, 2011

Funny little things

Today is my dad's 60th birthday so I had Isaac, who has been obsessed with birthdays lately, call him this morning.  The convo went a little something like this:
"Happy birthday, grandpa.  I'm a spider!"
"Thank you!  I thought you were Isaac."
"No, I'm a spider."


Yesterday we received a note from Isaac's speech therapist that he needed to work on saying the word "umbrella" as he was saying "u-banana".  I found this interesting since I swear he's said the word "umbrella" plenty of times in the past.  Still, I went through the sheet of pictures with him and he could say everything perfectly, but when we got to the umbrella he said "u-banana".  I told him that that it was not a banana, but an umbrella.  We looked up the ASL sign for umbrella and he took to signing "umbrella" immediately.  We drew pictures of umbrellas and said the word.  Isaac would say "um- it's not a banana".  We got out the big beach umbrella and tried to get him to tell us what it was.  He would name all of the colors and tell us what shape it was and what it was used for but got to "um" and stopped.  So either he is being stubborn or something is misfiring in that complex brain of his.  Later we were drawing shapes, and since Isaac knows all of the basic shapes we decided to move onto pentagons, octagons, and tetrahedrons.  Guess who can say tetrahedron, but not umbrella?  Yep, Isaac.  I have a feeling that the word umbrella will come back to him if tetrahedron was no problem.  I'm not losing any sleep over it.


Isaac is a routine monster.  He gets stuck on habits, certain ways of doing things, and conversation topics quite easily.  Our morning conversation for the past two weeks has gone like this:
"Mommy, have you seen daddy? He's not here."
"Where do you think daddy is?"
"He's working at the cyclotron, I think."
"Yep.  You're right."

Five minutes later...

"Mommy, have you seen daddy? He's not here."
"Where do you think daddy is?"
"He's working at the cyclotron, I think."
"Yep.  You're right.  You will see daddy later."

Endearing, if not predictable.

At night we always read books before bed.  Isaac has gotten so much into the routine of me reading to him that he will not let Andrew do it if I am home.  If I'm not home it's no problem, but if I am it takes a miracle for him to let Andrew do it.  Poor Andrew.  We just have a funny little kid. 

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