Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ignorance is bliss

Isaac in his bubbly happiness was taking forever to eat his eggs this morning- apparently not aware that we were in a time crunch to make it to play group before my appointment this morning.  I set the timer.  He ended up eating half his eggs.  My husband commented that sometimes he feels bad rushing him when he's in such an innocently happy-distracted mood, because he's happy in a way that you aren't ever again when you're an adult.  He's ignorant of time and all the things that we think need to get done today.  He's ignorant of the fact that mommy and daddy are exhausted and are starting to look like trolls to each other.  He doesn't know that mommy sees a therapist when she leaves the house by herself for an hour.  Yes, we're at that point in suburban life- therapists and all- and he's ignorant of all it.  And he's happy.  He's truly a happy kid.  He'll go to school and come home and not care that the house is in less than perfect order.  He won't pick up on the bags under my eyes.  He'll play his ABC game, he'll read library books, play with remote controlled cars, eat dinner, take a bath, get a good night's sleep, and do it all again tomorrow.  What a blessing that my child has this life.  May it last longer than it should- even if this ignorant bliss is partially due to his PDD-NOS.  May it last longer than it should.


  1. If you ask me, this prolonged naivete is one of the biggest benefits of ASD. My 16 y.o. nephew on the spectrum still plays with webkinz (are you familiar w/webkinz yet?). It's kind of sweet, really. At least he is not playing violent video games.

  2. I am familiar with webkinz and I agree it's kind of sweet. Our version is that Isaac wants to be a bumblebee (with a hive) for Halloween this year while other four year old boys want to be Woody or Spiderman. Last year it was a ladybug. Do you know how hard it is to find non-girly versions of these costumes? I managed it, but I'm wondering how long this innocence trend will go on. I'm also wondering how my husband is going to throw together a hive of sorts to go with the bee costume. haha