Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two thumbs and a smile

Who has two thumbs, a smile, and tickets to the Fleet Foxes for tomorrow night?
This girl.
I originally bought the tickets because I felt I owed the band something after suggesting (read stalking and begging) they play a date in Michigan, and because they are my favorite band and I'm in the middle of an early life crisis.  I even used the concert as an excuse to buy new dark wash skinny jeans (if they can still be called skinny in my size), a flannel plaid tunic, and a sack purse.  I'm also taking the opportunity to wear a vintage owl necklace that doesn't get enough showtime.  But since Isaac has been doing exceptionally well in school this year, I'm also using the night out as a celebration of all our hard work.  Isaac has had perfect daily reports sheets every day this week, a note from his substitute teacher in which she referred to him as a "role model to other students", and it's still SEPTEMBER- the beginning of the year.  I'm beyond proud of him, and I have to say that I finally feel like I can take a deep breath and have some fun.  I'll be doing just that tomorrow night with my good friend, Erin.  Hipster for a night, and then back to mommy on Friday.  It's been a good month, and I'm- you guessed it- grateful.  To all my other dedicated mommies out there; don't forget to take some time for yourself this week.  Do something rash- even if your version of rash, like mine, means planning months in advance. 
Now I better get some sleep if I'm going to be up past 11pm tomorrow.

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