Monday, October 17, 2011

Re-working tradition

It strikes me how every major holiday in the United States is centered around food.  This just doesn't fly with a gfcf/feingold/low sugar kid, and I'm kind of glad it doesn't.  We've had to find creative ways to celebrate holidays like Halloween, because let's face it, sugar and Isaac Loucks don't really mix.  So far he seems appeased with his Halloween party at school, doing a corn maze, going to a friend's hay ride party, and carving pumpkins.  I tend to be the meaner parent, so you won't catch me feeling guilty over the obvious lack of candy in my child's diet when I know kids that lack food altogether.  However, my suburban born and raised husband has what we'll call "twinges" of guilt.  Can I just say that you might be an over-privileged-first-world country person when you have guilt that a child can't eat the same proteins (gluten and casein) or copious amounts of sugar as other kids?  Rant over.

Still, I want holidays to be special for him and just as memorable.  We made our own decorations this year out of construction paper.  He has voiced that he would like to hand out candy on Halloween and I think we'll let him trick or treat to our two immediate neighbors houses.  Last year our sweet neighbors handed him a book instead of candy.  I love that!  This year I picked up some gfcf graham crackers and marshmallows and might start a Halloween s'mores without chocolate tradition.  Hey, I'm not completely heartless.  In the meantime,  I've loved Isaac's excitement over his bumblebee costume and that he told me what his friends at school planned on dressing up as for Halloween.  I've loved that he ANSWERS questions like that now.  I've loved that life is feeling a bit more normal, gfcf diet and all.  And I love knowing that Isaac will appreciate those s'mores just as much as a whole pile of candy.  Happy Fall!  I hope you are savoring your traditions, too.

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