Friday, October 21, 2011

Doctor Dilemma Part 2

If you are one of those unfortunate enough to be my facebook friend, then you may or may not know the drama we've had with Isaac's pediatrician office.  In fact, I was about to switch many months ago after a disheartening visit.  See  For the sake of trying to be a mature adult, I will not relay the somewhat snide apology I received in the mail from Isaac's former pediatrician today in full detail and drag his name through the mud any more than I already have.  However, if you are a close friend I have no scruples about reading it to you in person. Ha!  Let's just say it was the nail on the coffin after our failed attempt at a check up earlier this week.

I switched Isaac to our family doctor immediately afterward, and I'm happy to say that we had a great experience at Dr. Marinas' office today (only two days later).  She did not roll her eyes at Isaac's special diet, rather she asked if we worked with a nutritionist (which earned her bonus points in my book).  She did not drill me with condescending questions when I said that we don't do the influenza or flu vaccines.  She did not PUSH when I said I'd like to only get two shots done today, and wait on the ones that aren't recommended for when a child is already not feeling well (Isaac has a cough)- rather she agreed with me.  She asked intelligent questions about where he is developmentally, and was warm and understanding at Isaac's nervous behaviors and ticklishness.  She thought to give him a tongue depressor and Dixie cup so that he had something in each hand and could repetitively "stir" his pretend cake mix while she examined him.  You can tell this woman is a mother, and I like that.  Also, it is worth noting that there were the same amount of patients present in this office as in our previous one, less nurses and less doctors, and we still only waited for 5 minutes to get into the room and then 5 more after the nurse left before the doctor came in.  Just sayin'...  I wish I switched back in February, but glad we're in the right place now.

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