Monday, September 12, 2011

Progress report

I'm having a hard time being productive with my domestic duties right now, which usually means that I need to sit down and write.  Luck you.  I'm sure you were just thinking that you could do with a little over-sharing from Libby Loucks.  Well, let me indulge you.  I'm drinking my third cup of coffee today and listening to the one and only Ray LaMontagne- pretending to be one of his back up singers/future ex wives.  I'm thinking about the mountain of laundry on my bed that needs to be folded, my floors that need to be swept and mopped, dishes that need to be done- you get the idea.

I'm also thinking about Isaac and wondering how he is doing at school.  I'm thinking about all the progress he's made in a very short period of time.  He went to his first Sunday school class yesterday and did just fine.  I wondered if he actually grasped anything from it, but then we were reading last night and I pulled out one of our children's bibles and he said, "Um, how about the God one next?"  Then he requested certain stories, pointed out Jesus, etc.  Apparently he does listen, even when that doesn't appear to be the case.  I tried having him sit in the church service with me afterward, but forgot to pack any sensory toys (i.e. play foam) and so half way through he had enough.  But as he was doodling during church he correctly wrote 'I' 'S' 'A' of his name.  Take that kindergarten doubts!  He's been going around talking about how 'o' is for 'ox' and pointing out letters in words and trying to sound them out or spell them.  Quite a different story from two weeks ago.  I would, again, like to thank the Resource Fairy (who on my more openly Christian days I call God) for helping me find the things that clicked for Isaac.  Thank you.

Now if you could just motivate me to write a few more social stories for Isaac dealing with answering questions, social skills, etc. that would be great.  Because after a weekend of house projects, starting back to school, and being a selfish human being I just really want to pretend that he doesn't need to work on those things.  I want to pretend that they will just magically come together the way that they do for other kids.  Maybe a little more Ray LaMontagne will do the trick.  At any rate, progress is progress and I'm grateful.

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