Monday, September 5, 2011

We're ready

All of us.  Mommy, daddy, and Isaac are all ready for school to start.  My God, how slow can Labor Day go by?  I will miss summer and all of our fun family and play group trips and activities.  I will likely be griping about snow and wanting to slit my wrists to see some color in February.  But right now the cool air feels like a nice break from the air conditioning constantly running and making me sneeze.  It makes me want to break out my most obnoxious smelling Yankee candles, brew some hot tea, and sit down with a good book in our soon to be QUIET house.  I have all my usual back to school good intentions rolling around in my head- a diet and exercise plan, scrubbing my bathroom floors, painting my bedroom a color that doesn't make me feel trapped in a school bus, crafts, and more writing, of course.  I'm doubting any of these will happen, but I'll keep you posted nonetheless.

I'm feeling good about what we've accomplished this summer.  Isaac kissed the sippy cup goodbye, started consistently dressing himself and putting his shoes on, learned his letter sounds in less than a week, started spelling and simple math, and is getting better at conversation.  I'll take it.  I'll also take three hours a day to myself while my very bored only child gets some much needed structure, stimulation, and socialization.  It's funny how we went from worrying about a speech delay to listening to incessant talking.  I am grateful albeit tired.  With that I say bring on the school year and the falling leaves!

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