Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's the little things

A night where Isaac helps make, tries, and likes a new food (mashed potatoes)? Check.  This happens once every six months- maybe less.  I'm a firm believer in re-trying things, because even though it might take awhile (or years) my picky eater eventually acquires new foods.  Extra points for it being a vegetable.

Eating cooked rather than demanding raw broccoli? Check.  Sure he waited until it was ice cold to eat it, but that still counts, right?

Sleeping through the night after a night of night terrors? Check.  Packed the protein in yesterday and he had a much better night of sleep.

Making it through Sam's Club with the terrible lights and TONS of people without a meltdown? Check.

Reading a couple of sentences from a book to his grandparents over Skype and making this mom really proud? Check.

What little things are you thankful for today?


  1. My son has been trying a lot of new foods lately's a big relief! We developed a "thumbs up/thumbs down" system so he feels like he has some control over not having to eat things he doesn't like. Now he is almost wanting to try new things just so he can tell us thumbs down seems small, but I consider it a lot of progress. And he IS eating more things, and finding things that he does like that he didn't think he would.

  2. Jeri,
    I love that idea! Every time I get worried about the lack of variety in Isaac's diet I think of how Temple Grandin lived off of yogurt and jello for a good chunk of her life, and that makes me feel a lot better.hahaha We've found that he's more apt to try a food if we let him help cook it.

  3. For my 7 year old daughter we use a scale 1-10...that's too complex for my son yet, but she likes being able to rate things against each other. She used to be really picky as well (she has a few AS genes herself), but I'm happy to report that she now eats a normal and pretty varied diet. And she will TRY anything! Last night they both ate black bean burgers. They were a "thumbs down" and a "2 or 3 out of 10", but they both ate them LOL.

  4. LOL I can just picture them being like Waldorf and Statler muppets- rating every meal. That is too funny.