Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cleaning/Kid Bragging

I thought it was time for a new post- one that didn't involve toddlers and screwdrivers- as I think that scared some of you. haha  Things have been busy around here, but busy in a good way.  We spent a good part of the weekend catching up on cleaning, organizing, and laundry.  The result?  Every room in the house-sans the play room is clean at the same time.  This history making moment has not happened in a very, very, very long time.  For once, I would not be embarrassed by a surprise visit from Richard Armitage should he decide to come by for tea- looking handsome and sporting his perfect English accent.  I know he wants to.  He's just very busy with the holidays and all.

It feels good to not have to think about how dirty my bathrooms are this week, and to be able to just enjoy Christmas.  And, wait for it....I owe it to Andrew.  He motivated me and did a lot of the work (easily more than half) himself which was the best Christmas present he could have given me.  (Like how I tactlessly go from talking about Richard Armitage to Andrew?  That's what 7 years together gets you. haha)  Anyway, after the boys left the mess was overwhelming and my energy was sapped leaving me, well, lazy.  I am happy to say that we're over that hurdle now.  Andrew and I even got up at 5am to EXERCISE before he went to work today.  I think we're realizing that a little discipline would do us good.  Ok, so it's more like that realization slapped me in the face via a mirror and some harsh lighting in a JCPenney dressing room yesterday.  Yikes!  Still, if it weren't for my motivated and boyishly thin husband, I definitely would have slept in today.  Living in a more intentional way feels way more like living.  A little Christmas cleaning has gone a long way for this girl.

The other helping factor in all of this is that it is a whole lot easier to get stuff done around here now that Isaac is three and has a predictable schedule and can entertain himself more.  This is one of those things I am VERY grateful for.  Anyone who tells you that having a baby/toddler isn't hard is either lying or very lucky.  I remember a time with Isaac at 2 when I would show up to morning play group already EXHAUSTED from lack of sleep, chasing him, and just trying to get through a very basic morning routine without meltdowns.  Or when we just could not take him to the grocery store without him getting overwhelmed and having a meltdown.  I was always- that mom with the kid when Isaac was two, and today he was complimented by a couple strangers on his behavior in the grocery store.  I almost kissed those strangers.  It's not that we don't have rough days now, they just aren't every day.  Getting to this point took a change of diet, patience, acceptance, and time.  This time last year I was freaking out about the "A" word and if things would ever get better.  One year later, the "A" word doesn't seem so scary and things are much, much, MUCH better.  

Also, I'm having a lot of fun these days.  This weekend we did the pine cone bird feeder project.  This is a great sensory activity for kids.  They can smell the peanut butter and feel the fun texture of the birdseed.  Not to mention, they look pretty hanging from your trees outside.

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