Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drama Club Kid

I came out of the bathroom this morning to find the following scene taking place in my bedroom.  Andrew was laying on the bed and Isaac was standing over him, a screwdriver grasped by both hands above his head like a dagger, chest heaving, saying "I'm a bikic (viking)!  I'm a bikic (viking)!"  He then throws the screw driver onto the bed next to him and says, "I'm not going to hurt you, Daddy."  Then he kneels down next to Andrew and pets him.  He repeated this scene 5 times- each time adding another detail from the identical two scenes from How to Train Your Dragon that he was combining here.  Including bending down to pretend to cut the ropes off the dragon (Andrew) with his knife (screwdriver) and then throwing them off to the side.  His posture, emotion, and even breathing was just like in the movie.  A proud moment for this former theater mama.  More than that, it was the perfect start to our day.  How can you not have a good day when you just saw the cutest reenactment ever?  This kid crack me up, and amazes me a little more every day.

It just goes to show that we have no idea how much or how little he's really soaking in.  This morning while putting on his shoes Isaac started talking about things from the version of A Christmas Carol that I read to him last night before bed.  And here I was thinking that the book was too long and too much of a narrative for him to get into.  Way to underestimate your kid, Libby.  Things seem to be clicking for Isaac lately.  He answers questions more often and more readily.  He asks us what we're doing or why we're doing something.  He may not wait for an answer, but he's definitely practicing language and conversation.  He wanted to call my sister, Jessica, the other night during dinner.  When he got on the phone he said, "Hello, I'm eating lunch.  Goodbye!" Then handed the phone back to me.  Then he would take the phone back and say, "Hello, Jessica.  I'm eating dinner.  Bye!"  He did this a few times.  This is a scene from Muzzy, but used in an appropriate context as practice conversation.  I'm counting all of this as PROGRESS.  And I am always grateful for any degree of progress- even if it is something as small as calling Andrew "Daddy" instead of "Toothless" when reenacting a movie scene.  It means he's learning to pretend without mixing up reality and fiction- a common thing for spectrum kids.  It also means that the way Isaac learns things-visually- is working for him, and that he's becoming more successful when transposing things from his movies into every day life.  Although, he did call our cashier at Hobby Lobby "Hiccup" yesterday.  This is the main character from the dragon movie.  I know the movie was on his mind, because he and Andrew had just been playing with foam swords and shields in one of the aisles only minutes before.  But who knows- maybe he wasn't meaning to call her Hiccup, but trying to tell her about Hiccup.  But "Hiccup" is all that came out.

I'm realizing this probably makes it sound like he watches a ton of tv.  He doesn't- especially now that he has a mom that isn't worn out all the time.  He watches one movie per day for "rest time" since he does not nap.  He might watch more than that on weekends if we have a project to get done, but it's rare.  Just thought I'd cover my butt here. haha  We've been doing crafts lately- which makes me feel like a stereotypical SAHM- in a good way. ; )  I even bought some bird seed today so that we can make pine cone bird feeders to hang on our trees out front.  Now to find some non-cinnamon scented pine cones.  Any suggestions?

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