Friday, December 3, 2010

It takes a village

...and we were blessed enough to end up in the RIGHT village.  Okemos has so much to offer families of kids with special needs.  There is Early On, free special education pre-k, stores that sell gluten free/dairy free food (even a pizza place!), and an educated population that "gets it".  In addition to this, we were blessed with making friends with some great and very supportive people.  My friend, Erin, who we "happened" to share a wall with in our duplex when we first moved here has been one of my greatest champions.  She is a family therapist at STVCC Children's Home in Lansing.  She gets it.  And she goes out of her way to let me know that she does.  But she isn't the only one.  In general, we have just been plopped in the perfect community to raise Isaac.  All our friends, church family, and co-workers have been beyond helpful and supportive whether they know it or not.  We appreciate you.  I want you to know that.  If you are reading this blog (or not), this applies to you.

Isaac's pre-k teacher is one of the "villagers" that has joined the ranks of those who help raise Isaac on a daily basis.  She listens readily to all my concerns, questions, and joys.  Today Isaac was sent home with one of the best daily report sheets he's had in a long time.  I confess I was pleasantly surprised that he did not require several verbal and physical prompts today at school.  When I reached the bottom of the sheet I discovered the reason why.  They decided to try having Isaac wear a weighted vest during school today to see if it would help him focus better.  Looks like it worked pretty well.  So just like that- another piece of my puzzle has been solved for me.  (Thanks, Minda!) I am not surprised that it had a positive affect on him as I've noticed that Isaac loves his tight pj's the most- the ones that fit closest to his skin.  After I put these on him, he very clearly says "Mommy, I love jammies!"  Something about that "hug" feeling helps balance him out.  So guess what was added to the Amazon shopping list tonight?  That's right, a weighted vest.

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  1. When I subbed the first year out of Houghton I was in for these speech therapy teachers a TON and there were a lot of kindergartners with weighted vests. They seemed to be really effective! I'm glad you found something that works with Isaac!