Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Joys

...on an otherwise gray day yesterday.

1)  A good report from school on an early release day.  Many of you know the mayhem that ensues on a day where Isaac has an hour early dismissal at school.  Everything is different and usually throws him for a loop.  He's even been known to tell his speech therapist "not yet, close door!" meaning she had gotten there too early because the schedule is condensed on days like this.  Not so yesterday.  Even though he was upset when I came to pick him up, his teacher and report sheet told me that he coped just fine with the off schedule.

2)  Watching Shilo become Isaac's best friend again now that he's back to being an only child.  "Shilo! Come on! Go in the blanket house!  Mommy, where's Shilo?  I can't find him.  Shilo, play blanket house?"  He talks to Shilo like he really expects the dog to answer him back.  And he probably does.  I've said it before, this kid has an incredible imagination.  He is always blurring the lines between reality and fiction.  Yesterday afternoon he was sitting on my lap while I ate grapes.  (Ok, that was weird. I just typed that sentence in silence and at the same time Isaac just said, "eating grapes that are round".)  Anyway, he ripped off a grape, held it up to my nose and said "steady...go!" and popped the grape into my mouth.  He did this over and over while I laughed.  Anyone know what Disney movie this is from?  Lady and the Tramp.  The scene where Lady and Jim Dear are on the front porch and he holds up a red, round treat for her and says "steady..." while she balances on her back legs.  The small, round, red grapes must have reminded Isaac of that treat and so he quoted a movie he hasn't seen in at least a month.  I got the reference immediately as it has been my job to catalog movies in my brain the same way he does.  Otherwise I'd rarely know what he is talking about.  Quotes from movies lace almost all of his conversation and play.  Also, Lady and the Tramp is one of my favorite Disney movies.  Later, while upstairs looking for Shilo, Isaac starts calling "Shadooooowwww, where are youuu?" a quote from Bear in the Big Blue House.  These are the quirks that make my day.  They are clever and irresistible- which is how I would sum up Isaac.

3)  A very out of the blue, "I love you, mommy"  accompanied with a hug and kiss. This may have been the first time he's done this.  He has said it back to me before, but never first that I can remember.

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